June 16, 2023

The Significance of Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings for Your Bride

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The Significance of Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings for Your Bride

In every story about love, couples play an important role, as do rings. Rings symbolize commitment, loyalty, and love for your partner. That is why it is crucial to know what ring to give your future bride when you are about to seal that happily ever after.

With a multitude of engagement rings out there, diamond engagement rings in the Philippines are the most classic. With their simple yet sophisticated design, these kinds of rings are the go-to for most lovers out there. So if you are planning to purchase one, having a deeper understanding of its significance and knowing the factors to consider before buying will give you the insight that there’s more to the dazzle and sparkle of a diamond engagement ring.

What are the Significance of Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are not just a piece of jewelry.  They also have various implications, which include:

  • Symbol of love and commitment:  A diamond is a gemstone renowned for its strength, invincibility, and rarity. Opting for one as the centerpiece of your engagement ring reflects you and your partner’s love and commitment, which is also strong, not easily shaken, and unlike any other.
  • Timeless and enduring: Diamond engagement rings have simple yet classic designs. This makes them timeless pieces that can withstand the changes in the jewelry landscape. It also has a minimalist aesthetic, which is visually appealing to almost everyone. Furthermore, diamonds are one of the most enduring stones, making them resistant to scratches and other abrasions, as well as temperature and chemical changes.
  • Sign of social status: Most of the time, diamond engagement rings are used to indicate that a woman is unavailable. But it can also serve as a status symbol. This is because diamond engagement rings have a high value in the market due to their rarity and the staggering demand for them.
  • Emotional significance: Aside from being an expensive jewelry piece, diamond engagement rings also hold emotional value, especially for brides. Giving women diamond engagement rings makes them feel loved, valued, and special. Also, it reminds couples of their shared love and commitment to one another and the future they are about to spend together. 
  • Uniqueness: Today, jewelers allow couples to personalize their diamond engagement rings to align with their style, aesthetic, and preferences, making them unique just like their love story. Some of these customizations include choosing a fancy color for the diamond, engraving text or a design on the ring, and opting for a unique cut on the diamond for its center stone.
  • Investment Value: Diamond engagement rings are also good investments. This is because its price on the market increases as time passes. Moreover, it can also be passed down from one generation to the next. Just make sure you invest in a diamond engagement ring that is of high quality.

What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings?

Understanding diamond engagement rings is not just limited to knowing their significance. One must also be informed about the factors to consider when planning to buy one. Some of the crucial factors are:

  • The 4 Cs of diamonds: cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. These 4 Cs are considered the universal method for evaluating the quality of any diamond.

    • Cut: This refers to its symmetry, dimension, and how its facet interacts with light. This factor affects how the diamond sparkles and its overall aesthetic beauty. A diamond engagement ring that is precisely cut directs more sunlight to the crown. On the other hand, a diamond engagement ring that is either too shallow or too deep allows light to escape, making it sparkle through the bottom or side.
    • Color: This characteristic pertains to the clarity of a diamond, which ranges from completely clear to a warm yellowish tint. Colorless diamonds have no hue and appear like colorless water, which makes them the rarest as well as more valuable and expensive. There are also those diamonds with slight coloring, such as tones of yellow and brown, that reflect less natural color back to the eye. 
    • Clarity: This refers to how clean a diamond is from any natural inclusions or blemishes. Inclusions are natural imperfections that happen inside the diamond, and blemishes are imperfections that happen on the surface of the diamond. Diamond engagement rings that have no inclusions are more expensive. However, there are some inclusions that need to be checked under a magnifying glass.
    • Carat weight: This refers to the physical weight of the diamond found on engagement rings. Carat weight is the most objective grade in the 4C and helps determine its price and how rare it is. The heavier the carat weight of the diamond, the pricier it is and the more durable it is, which means it can endure wear and tear. Also, diamond engagement rings that are heavier appear to be larger and more impressive.
  • Style and setting: When buying a diamond engagement ring, it is vital to know how the diamond sits on the band and what frames it. This refers to its setting style, and the most popular one is solitaire, wherein there is one central diamond and no other gemstones around it. Another example of a style and setting is the halo, wherein the central diamond is surrounded by diamonds or other gemstones. There are various styles and settings for diamond engagement rings; make sure you have done some research to know what fits you and your bride’s preferences and style.

  • Budget: A diamond engagement ring can be expensive due to certain factors, such as the value of the diamond, the craftsmanship that goes with it, and others. That is why you better save ahead of time if you want to give your future bride this type of ring. However, there are financial options that other jewelers offer that will allow you to purchase a diamond engagement ring.

  • Ethical Sourcing: Some couples prefer to buy diamond engagement rings that are sourced ethically. This means that the production of the diamond rings adheres to environmental safety standards, and the company applies labor rights such as giving proper wages to its employees, practicing transparency in the supply chain, and other righteous practices. To identify jewelry companies that are practicing this, the first thing to do is conduct research on them.

  • Certification: In line with ethical sourcing, it is also a must to know if the company has certification of ethical standards such as fair trade certified gold that directly provides livable wages to minors to use as investment in their community and put up their own businesses.

  • Return Policy and Warranty: Buying a diamond engagement ring entails spending a large sum of money, which you have worked hard and saved for. To guarantee that your hard-earned money is valued, make sure that your jeweler offers a warranty and return policy. A warranty can include the replacement of a damaged or lost diamond engagement ring for a certain period of time or for life. Some jewelers include this on purchase, while others offer it at an extra cost. On the other hand, there are jewelers that offer a return policy, specifically for diamond rings that have not been worn for 30 days since they were purchased. And the purchaser must present the receipt, certificate, maintenance records, ring box, and others.

Where to buy Diamond Engagement Rings for your Bride

Proposing to your future bride can be the highlight of a lifetime, not just for her but also for you. This monumental event should be magical and memorable. That is why, before you choose an engagement ring such as the diamond one, it is important to do research regarding its many facets.

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